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Todd Embley
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Director, Parisoma

Todd Embley, Director at Parisoma, is a serial entrepreneur who previously worked at Chinaccelerator and had been living in China for more than 7 years. Todd’s main areas of expertise lie in Lean Startup methodology, Entrephilosophy, Marketing and Customer Development. He has been a speaker at BREAK in Bali; START Summit in St. Gallen, Switzerland; LIFT conference in Geneva; DreamPlus in Seoul, Korea; Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing; TEDx talk for TEDxSuzhou; GSMA Innovation Labs in Shanghai; and many others, as well as vetted more than 1000 companies for the Chinaccelerator program.

Todd has mentored at many startup events across China including:

  • SeedStars Global Competition, Lausanne Switzerland
  • GMIC G-Startup
  • Lean Startup Machine
  • 3-Day Startup
  • Startup Weekend
  • Steve Blank’s NEXT program
  • Beijing TechHive
  • Fail Faster

Todd has also been a judge at various startup competitions including:

  • SeedStars
  • GMIC G-Startup
  • Mobile Monday
  • GSMA
  • Venture Day
  • 3 Day Startup
  • Lean Startup Machine
  • Tech Trailblazers

Todd has been a panelist at startup conferences including:

Plug and Play/SIAS Incubator conference in Zhengzhou, China

  • GMIC
  • GSMA
  • Venture Day
  • IBM Smartcamp

Todd has given lectures/seminars at:

  • TEDx Suzhou
  • GSMA
  • 3 Day Startup
  • Hult Shanghai
  • ZheJiang University, Hangzhou
  • Liaoning Normal University
  • AIESEC – International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences
  • Lean Startup Machine.
Break-Out Sessions 5 & 6 - Entrepreneurship's Workshop Track (Tapa 1) / EMW Trends Track (Tapa 2)
Fri. January 20th 2017
5:00PM - 5:45PM
EMW 2017 (Downtown Honolulu, Hilton Hawaiian Village, and Waikiki)
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